Terms And Conditions

1) Registration Terms and Conditions of Zamin Property Services

i) Wherever the terms ‘Zamin Property’ is used in this document it will be referring to the services provided by the ‘ZaminProperty.com’. Any document or Agreement mentioning Zamin Property will be a reference to the company ZaminProperty.com (the company which has the registration rights and provides the services of the ZaminProperty.com website).

ii) This document covers the terms and conditions the privacy policy of the site apply on all registered members/ unregistered users the under which these services are provided by ZaminProperty.com.

iii) These terms and conditions also apply on all registered members/ unregistered users in respect of all new services or features introduced on Zamin Property in future as well.

iv) If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions or with the privacy policy of Zamin Property, you are NOT granted rights to use Zamin Property services and must not register as a member of Zamin Property a or use any of its services.

v) Zamin Property reserves the right to update the Policy of terms, conditions and notices of this agreement without any prior notice. Your continued use of Zamin Property confirms your acceptance of revised policy.

vi) This Agreement governs your use of the Zamin Property Site, superseding any prior agreements between you and Zamin Property.

vii) ZaminProperty.com, reserves its right to withdraw wholly or in partly, without assigning any reason, any of Zamin Property services or products with or without any notice.

viii) Zamin Property is the sole authority to assign this agreement, and all rights and obligations hereunder, to a successor to all or any of its assets, whether by sale, merger or otherwise. These terms shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective representatives, heirs, administrators, successors and permitted assigns except as otherwise provided herein.

ix) ZaminProperty.com doesn’t subscribe in any manner to the views/ expressions/details posted on the website by the users of the services and are not those of Zamin Property. The use of this site constitutes agreement between you and the Zamin Property to hold Zamin Property and its sponsors, owners, shareholders or employees harmless against any and all claims related any errors or omissions or to the opinions expressed herein by the others.

x) By becoming a member of ZaminProperty.com and/or using ZaminProperty.com services, you agree to receive certain communication from ZaminProperty.com. You hereby confirm that, you do not have any objection to receiving emails, messages and calls from ZaminProperty.com and members of ZaminProperty.com. This consent shall supersede any preferences set by you with or registration done with the Do Not Disturb (DND Register)/ National Customer Preference Register (NCPR).

2) Cancellation Policy

You can cancel ZaminProperty.com services anytime by contacting us through the “Contact” page on our website. However, you will not be entitled to any refunds for any amounts paid by you, even if the services have not been fully rendered by us.

3) Refund Policy

Since ZaminProperty.com offers non-tangible irrevocable goods (i.e. advertising services), we do not issue refunds once the order has been successfully placed and appropriate advertising services/resources have been added to customer’s account.

However, we realize that there may be some exceptional circumstances where a refund may be appropriate. ZaminProperty.com may, at its sole discretion, may provide pro-rated refunds for services that have not been fully rendered.

4) Payment Policy

ZaminProperty.com doesn’t accept any cash amount or enforce to clients to make payment in cash, we only accept payment through cheque, draft, bank-transfer (RTGS, NEFT, IMPS etc.), UPI etc.

5) Service Charge

ZaminProperty.com applies service charge whenever the clients request for services like consultancy, data providing (information related to real estate), legal help (for lawyer or legal adviser), hiring surveyor (for land measurement), CA (financial evaluation), engineer (technical evaluation), developer (for joint-venture development), advisor (complete guidance) etc. We arrange all the appointments, meetings, file-transfer etc., the client is responsible to make the payment the professionals’ (lawyer, CA etc.) charges.

The service charge we take; it is non-refundable but adjustable with the remuneration (brokerage fee) if the client takes over the property, if the purchasing not happen by the client, then nothing is refunded.

6) Commission

ZaminProperty.com applies the commission which is very usual like 2% of the total sale value if the value comes under Rs.1 Crore, but it applies 1% when it goes above Rs.1 Crore.

7) Bank Loan

ZaminProperty.com doesn’t provide any bank loan, rather we assist with references of CAs, banks or financial institutions who provide bank loans. We create and provide the property’s information, but the client is responsible to provide his/her financial data to process the loan.

8) Change Of Use

ZaminProperty reserves the right to:

i) Change or remove (temporarily or permanently) the Website or any part of it without notice and you confirm that ZaminProperty shall not be liable to you for any such change or removal.

ii) Change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and your continued use of the Website following any changes shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change.