About Us

The Company “Zamin Property” is an undertaken concern of Adhikary Group, ZAMIN (Hindi Term) means land, and PROPERTY means you know very well asset. Zamin Property is a Real Estate Agency along with an online Real Estate Classifieds Portal. We not only work nationwide but also we work on the international market because of our valuable agents and partners.

Zamin Property could be your best friend who can guide you all the way related to the properties like buying to selling properties, processing loans to document verification, interior decoration etc.

Like the other real estate companies we do not promote ourselves through several mediums like TV, radio, newspapers etc., or do not focus in collecting properties to enlist those into the website to see the people that we have tons of properties and are busy to promote their brand not your property.

But we Zamin Property, we do not promote ourselves, rather we always keep busy ourselves to promote the property of individuals’, so you can get the positive lead based on your requirement. Your trust on Zamin Property makes our way smooth.

Whatever the requirement you have whether buying or selling or availing loans, please do not hesitate to let us know, we will always be there for you and we would be pleased to do so.

Why Zamin Property?

Zamin Property is a Real Estate Agency that not only deals with the properties but also we focus to guide the intended buyers and sellers all the way with proper information that require. We are here to assist you, please feel free to ask about selling properties, buying properties, financial assistance, developing a property with interior decoration etc.

Buying a property is really a biggest investment most people will ever make, therefore, just find out how we can assist you by sharing our experience and knowledge to help you get into your dream property.

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